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Specialist Teacher Outreach Service (STOS)

Our Specialist Teacher Outreach Service provides a specialist itinerant teaching service for students on the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) who are enrolled in their local schools across the Franklin area.

We have a team of experienced special educators who can share their expertise and skills in order to build capacity across schools to enhance outcomes for students and promote inclusion.


The Team

Nicole Blake, Aneta Cullum (Team Leader), Eloise Labuschagne

Specialist teachers work in partnership with a student’s wider support team. This includes parents, whanau, teacher/s, teacher’s aides, SENCO’s, LSC’s, MOE therapists and other agencies.


We can provide a range of specialist teaching and support activities such as: 

  • teaching students within class or small group settings 

  • assessing a student’s learning needs 

  • planning and preparing appropriate programmes 

  • monitoring student progress and achievement and planning next steps 

  • modelling effective teaching strategies and practices for teachers and teachers’ aides 

  • collaborating with the class teacher to differentiate class and school curriculum content 

  • adapting and preparing learning materials and providing resources appropriate for a student’s needs 

  • support students social, emotional and behavioural needs 

  • support transitions 

  • making requests to the Ministry of Education, Special Education for specialist services support 

  • contributing to Individual Education Plan (IEP) planning and implementation.

How to access the Outreach Service. 


To access the Outreach Service, schools transfer their Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS) staffing to Parkside School, who then supplies the specialist teacher for the student. A Memorandum of Agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities for both schools. 


For more information, or to access our Outreach Service please contact:


Aneta Cullum, STOS Team Leader, email:

Alternatively leave a message with the school office 


“She supported my student and TA with new activities, new initiatives and ideas to promote learning, set boundaries and routines in place to establish a solid foundation for my student. She also assists with other behavioural and learning problems in my class, ideas and initiative I successfully implemented with very positive results.”

“As a teacher, I am humbled by the wonderful way the Outreach teacher assisted me, my Learning Assistant, but most of all my student. She developed a close relationship with my student, my LA and with me. She advised me, supported me and provided me with knowledge, visuals and lots of other resources that not just fitted my student’s needs but help my student grow, overcome certain behaviour issues and progressed academically and socially.” 

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