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Special Programmes
Special Olympics

Our High School and Te Waka Tapawha students participate in Special Olympics sports during the year. These include Athletics , Football and Regional championship football, Basketball, Tenpin Bowling and swimming. The aim for Special Olympics is to encourage participation and inclusion, whilst still incorporating the competitive aspect of sports. Those students who enjoy this have the opportunity to go to Ribbon days and compete against other Auckland Special Schools.

Families can access after school sports through Counties Special Olympics. Contact information can be found here

Special Olympics
Work experience

Once our students reach 18 years of age, they have the opportunity to participate in our work experience programme to help prepare them for life after education.

Work Experience
Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction is an approach designed to help people at early levels of development. It teaches and develops the 'Fundamentals of Communication'. 

You can find more information here

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Intensive Interaction

Tacpac draws together touch and music to create a structured half hour of sensory communication between two people. Tacpac creates sensory alignment and helps people of any age who have sensory impairment, developmental delay, complex learning difficulties, tactile defensiveness, and limited or pre-verbal levels of communication.

Find more information here


The school has a dedicated music teacher, running weekly music sessions across the school. Students have an opportunity to listen, respond, create and play music in a supportive environment, sensitive to their individual needs. Teaching incorporates multi-sensory approaches including resonance boards and drumming.

Senior students also have the opportunity to learn to play a range of instruments including ukulele, guitar, clarinet and keyboard.

Parkside Students and families have attended the New Zealand Ukulele Festival for 10 years since its conception.

Kapa haka

Students at Intermediate, High School, Te waka tapawha and at base participate in weekly kapa haka sessions with a dedicated kaiako.

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Kapa haka

PMP is a programme which aims to develop the child’s perceptions and understandings of him/herself in relation to his/her world through movement and motor experiences. It develops the foundation skills for learning. It is carried out in a group setting and is usually supported by the occupational therapist or physiotherapist. The activities within the group are tailored to the students.

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Perceptual Motor Programme
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