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Wellington Street Campus

We have five classrooms at Wellington Street that offer very high levels of support for students.


Te Hauora (Health and Wellbeing)

Many of our students in the past have struggled to find a peaceful place where they can engage and build on their learning.  Room One aims to promote peaceful relationships between the students, staff and wider whanau so each of our students can develop to their potential.  Learning is individualised but also shares common threads, from functional life skills to increasing communication skills and recreational opportunities.  We believe in a holistic view of health and wellbeing.  As a class we embrace the four dimensions of Hauora;

  • Taha Tinana,

  • Taha Hinengaro,

  • Taha Whanau and

  • Taha Wairua 



Hub 2 aims to be an open learning environment where choice is respected and promoted. Young children are naturally motivated to play. Our learning builds on this motivation, using play as a context for learning. A play-based approach involves both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning as the teaching staff encourage learning and inquiry through interactions that aim to stretch students’ thinking and reasoning. Our learning is focused around topics, interests and pathway goals. Our school’s motto, vision and core values are the foundation on everything we do.


In room 3 we aim to foster a sense of belonging by creating connections between staff, students and home. We are all working on developing fundamental skills such as literacy and communication with the use of PODD books, YES/NO symbols and AAC devices. Students are given the opportunity to apply these skills in a variety of contexts and have a stimulating and active learning environment in class.  We enjoy creating social connections with the community, (we head out into the community once a week), other schools (through a penpal program) and by participating in programs with other classes.

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Our classroom comprises a diverse group of students aged nine to nineteen. Every student will learn and grow in a supportive educational environment where their needs are individually catered for, and learning is based on their strengths and interests. We provide a space where our learners feel accepted and safe, where they can tap into their happiness, enabling them to reach their potential.


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Chameleon room


Here at the Chameleon Room, we comprise of a diverse group of students aged twelve to twenty-one.  We have a purposeful class that works according to a mission to prepare our students to integrate into society and be accepted as they are. We strive to live to the mission and vision of our school in all our doings.

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